Gidi Girls


In a world where uniqueness lasts only about as long as it takes a major retail label to mass market it to death, GidiCulture stands out as a lifestyle brand with a level of swagger that many strive for but few truly achieve.

Fashion can be fickle, but young Nigerian designers Okwuehi Ogboi and Mobolaji Soluade, the minds behind the magic of GidiCulture, tap into a market that knows how to appreciate potential when it sees it. Taking the basic template of t-shirts, immaculate threads are then paired with sharp wit and effortless confidence in the form of solid colour tees emblazoned with bold statements like, “Young, Flashy and Independent”, and “Me & You No De For the Same Category!!!”

Tapped to become “one of the fashion industry’s most rapidly recognizable brands” , GidiCulture is undoubtedly one of the names to keep an eye on in the near future. The fashion, the lifestyle, the brand. It’s coming. Watch out.


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