IKEA wants to make your desktop beautiful

Image courtesy: Ikea.com

IKEA is practically a synonym for simply designed, space-efficient furniture. Targeted at budget-conscious consumers, IKEA furniture is cheap enough to be bought by the average student, but elegant enough to still look good. So how about a free bookcase organizer from IKEA…for your desktop?

True to its marketing slogan, “Any space can be beautiful,” IKEA has introduced on its website a virtual desktop organizer, which aims to help you keep your virtual life as well organized as your perfectly placed cookbook collection.

In a bid to help you “furnish your screen so it feels like home”, the desktop e-folder set features virtual versions of IKEA’s well known organizer systems, in the form of background jpegs of their popular bookcases and shelving options in varying colours, and desktop icons shaped like their – ahem – iconic organizer storage boxes.

If you look at design as the reflection of one’s personality in their personal surroundings, then it would make sense to extend it to that most personal of spaces – your computer desktop. Naturally, the folks at IKEA even take into account the great Microsoft-Apple divide; the desktop backgrounds and organizer-box icons are available for download as a zipped folder for both Mac and PC.

Be it novelty, subtle marketing strategy, or just another way for minimalist geeks to extend their love of simple design to desktop organization, the desktop e-folder set is just one reflection of how IKEA apparently continues to strive for relevance with its contemporary target audience. Which, if the doomed couple from 500 Days of Summer is anything to go by, is young, expressive and quirky enough to embrace incorporating IKEA into their existences not just as a furniture shop, but as a slightly ironic lifestyle. At least virtually.