Weekend Discovery: Shortoftheweek.com

So it’s Saturday night, and you don’t know what to do. The blank whiteness outside your window tells you that unless you’re willing to strap on a pair of skis, a night out is kind of out of the question. (Okay, so it’s just a touch of snow – but I reserve the Torontonian’s right to complain!) Facebook is full of images of people having fun in other – decidedly warmer – climes, Tumblr is in fullblown NSFW, late-night mode, and you’ve just finished the final season of that show that isn’t getting renewed (*sob).

What’s a body to do?

Enter Short of the Week. This website is a uniquely awesome portal for bite-size films – from live-action to computer-animated to stop motion, sci-fi to western to documentary – and it has been in existence since 2007. I am truly shocked that I’ve only just stumbled across it – thanks to the efforts of a good friend searching for a specific (and hilarious ) animated sci-fi short he wanted to share with me – but, man, am I glad for it.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 11.37.41 PM

According to its About page, Short of the Week exists because its creators, “believe short films are at the center of innovative storytelling. New ideas, new techniques and new directors first make their mark in the filmmaker’s playground that is short form cinema.”

They also explain that, “If short films are a filmmaker’s playground, then the web is an open field”, which is an appropriate descriptor for the sheer variety of content, formats and techniques showcased in the different films the site presents.

So, grab the hot chocolate, sit back, and enjoy some of the best shorts the web has to offer.

Oh and, you’re welcome.


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