Job Hunters Say the Darnedest Things

For a lot of people on the job hunt, the last thing on your mind is cartoons (unless you’re a cartoonist, in which case…ahem. My bad.) For all the others, the first thing on your mind is usually impending bills! And a lot of job search engines cater to the necessarily repetitive process of job searching by making their sites as straightforward and business-like as possible: Here are your keyword search results, this is the the job description, there’s the Apply Now button. Done? Next.

But recently I just stumbled onto…this.


Workopolis editorial cartoons. In a word, they’re brilliant. Scrolling through the list, it’s apparent that their cartoons are timely, sharply funny, and always with a witty one- or two-liner inviting you to take a gander at their job listings. It’s a nice touch of humour to lift the otherwise tedious work of job hunting, and certain to be appreciated by anyone in that position.

Oh, and they do social media like a boss. Job tips and tricks, engagement with users, relevant articles and links, a distinctive “voice” – the works. They must have hired a pretttty savvy social media type (not to mention the editorial cartoonist!) out of their own job searcher pool – I wouldn’t be entirely surprised, being one of the most popular job search sites out there.

Way to stand above the crowd, indeed.

Here are some more of my personal favourites:


Kimye workopolis

Toronto playoff hopes:

Leafs workopolis

Rob Ford:

Rob-Ford workopolis

Job “Satisfaction”:

Job-Satisfaction Rolling Stones workopolis

What are some of the more creative job ads you’ve seen?