It’s almost midnight! So, I’ve been very proud of myself for blogging everyday for the past three days, and the goal of course is to begin and maintain a consistent, daily blogging habit. Today, though, has been nuts. Woke up late, super busy, and my planned blog post for the day is still in the works.

I really didn’t want to break my daily writing streak, and in fact I have ten minutes to ensure that I don’t, so instead of stressing out, I’m going to chill out, write my today’s post for tomorrow, and share some pictures with you from the week that was!

1. Turkey Day!


I didn’t get a chance to shoot it before we all started digging into it. That’s how delicious it was. (Thanks to my lovely mummy! :D)

2. This beautiful tattoo!


…on the shoulder of one of the volunteers at my friend Jackie’s Splinter Unit production company short film screening gala on Tuesday.

3. My ridiculously photogenic friend, Jonathan:


…and hey look, it’s midnight! 😛