And by tomorrow, of course I meant Wednesday :p

Hello, all you beautiful people!! Yeah, I’m talking to you…yes, you there…stop ducking behind the pillar! That’s better.

How is everyone? Fantastic I hope! It’s my day off (in terms of scheduled classes, anyway!) so I’m going to use part of it to get some more filming experience shooting with a Canon XF-105 I borrowed from school. This is what it looks like:


Pretty sweet, huh? I only have it for a few hours today so I plan to make the time count by getting in as much practice as possible till the next time I’m able to take it out. Cos practice makes perfect, amirite?

While I’m out doing that and planning global domination of the film industry ahem, planning out my project ideas (:D) I leave you all with a few of the great resources I’ve come across online for learning film, or simply for getting inspired by what’s out there:


I just found this site through a classmate’s link on Facebook and it is fabulous! The first thing you get when you sign up is a 100 page guide to DSLR cinematography which I’m going through quite eagerly. It’s very well written, sources a lot of information that you can certainly easily find online in forums and such, as the author Ryan Koo notes. But the fact that it is all handily put together in an easily accessible ebook – with ongoing updates on the website itself – makes all the difference. It’s like Neil Gaiman said, “Google can bring you back a 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”

Aside from that, the site is chock full of tips, tricks, reviews, industry interviews and articles about things like what Netflix’s shift toward original programming means for independent filmmakers, or a tutorial on how to make a digital zombie – to mention just a couple of recent posts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 1.49.32 PM

I plan to spend quite a bit of time on…despite the fact that I, um, actually am going to film school!

2. 4docs

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.02.02 PM

The online home of Channel4 BRITDOC Foundation from the UK, this is an awesome site that gathers together some of the best short documentaries from around the internet, as well as providing  really great resources for documentary filmmakers, like their wiki page on things ranging from how to pay for your film to where to get it screened. It’s also an excellent site to submit work, with the chance to win money for your film through their competitions (always a good thing, money…)

If you click the link it actually takes you to a page appropriately titled, “16 short docs to watch before you make one” <—linking to it again because why not. 😛

3. Directing the Documentary – by Michael Rabiger

Because I am a nerd, I will share with you my main textbook for school 😛 I ordered my copy of this because I am old-school and I like to lug around great chunks of bound paper, but until it arrives I am reading it off which very conveniently (and life-savingly!) has it available to read online there.

Again, fantastic and comprehensive tips on the art and science of creating a documentary film, from proposal, to pre-production, to production and post-production. But it also includes a brief history of the medium, aesthetics and philosophy, ideas about creative identity and developing story ideas, and ways to make a career out of the whole thing.

All in all an excellent resource that I imagine I will continue to need for the rest of my career once it takes off!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I am, and if you have any other tips, resources or handy sites for a fledgling film student, feel free to throw ’em down in the comments!!

Have a fully awesome day!

RhinoHamster fully awesome