Alysha Brilla launches her second album “WOMYN”, Oct 1 at The Painted Lady, Toronto

Alysha Brilla, the talented Tanzanian-Canadian singer/songwriter who I keep talking about just released her second album as an independent artist. From the title alone – WOMYN – this one promises to be a pull-no-punches, album-length empowerment anthem.

The fantastic video for the lead single features the width and breadth of experiences for those who identify as womyn, as you can see for yourself below. (Full disclosure: yours truly was invited to be featured in the video – alongside some truly inspiring individuals 🙂 )

I will be including more pictures as I go through my memory cards (it was mostly a videography kind of night), but below are the first handful of images I took at the album launch, where Alysha also featured some musical friends including the talented John Orpheus and Eon Sinclair, lately of Bedouin Soundclash.

Feel free to check back for updated photos!

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WOMYN music video: